Mini Six Conversions

There is lots and lots of great roleplaying settings out there, and don’t you just wish that they were available for the Mini Six System? Well, here at MSF we’ve taken some of your favourite game worlds and converted them to Mini Six.

Please Note that these are most definitely just fan conversions, with no challenge to the IP owners rights. We have also ensured that little if any setting or copyright material is included in these conversions, and we encourage you to purchase and play these great games yourself!

Scarrport – City of Secrets

A Gun Metal Games Fantasy Setting

Scarrport – City of Secrets – This great fantasy setting has been created by the fine folks over at Gun Metal Games (formerly Reality Deviant Publications) for the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition game system. A city of intrigue, adventure and mystery, it is the perfect place in which to indulge one’s fantasy gaming desires.

Scarrport – Scarrport – City of Secrets Mini Six Conversion (PDF, 8 Pages, 92KB)