[Conspiracy X] Collection Schedule – An Introduction to ConspiracyX 2nd Edition

Introducing new games is always difficult for a Game Master, often a table already has its favourites, or prefers a specific type of setting or mechanics. Often, especially in this age where new games come out every other day, just getting the time to create simple characters, or complete a basic scenario can be a challenge. This is why Collection Schedule has been written, to be a sampler (or a taster if you’d prefer) to the Con X 2nd Edition Unisystem rule set, and allow potential players see just want sort of fun this great game brings to the table!

Collection Schedule

A short introductory adventure designed to be run as a filler or demonstration scenario to be run at gaming conventions or when Chroniclers are looking to try out Conspiracy X second edition.

With a plot focused on character interaction and thinking outside the square, it should be completed by even the most inexperienced gamers in less than an hour or so. To assist new players and Chroniclers, 3 pre-generated characters are included, ensuring everyone can get to the table as quickly as possible.

You can also download this and other Conspiracy X material I’ve created over at the ConX hub found here

[Conspiracy X] Welcome to a New Bodyguard of Lies

A few years back I rediscovered Eden Studios’ interesting game of aliens and the supernatural; Conspiracy X (now in a superb 2nd edition). As was my want at the time, I threw together a little website to collect together my thoughts on the game and to act as an outlet for a few creative Con X ideas that I had bobbing about. While this did result in a number of articles being thrown up, the approach as a whole never really went anywhere, competing as it does with my various other projects (such as this very site – unboundbook.org!). However, rather than just abandon everything I have created, and with a view towards consolidation, I have now transferred everything of real interest to pages within Unbound Publishing.

To ‘celebrate’ this event I’ve also released one of the many ConX scenario ideas I’ve tinkered with over the years – Blue on Blue – along with – from that old site – an interview I did with the 2nd Edition author Dave Chapman, and a rather harsh review of the aforementioned core Conspiracy X 2nd Edition Rulebook.

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[The Esterrorists] A Night on the Town – A 2nd Edition Demonstration Scenario

With the release of the second edition of The Esoterrorists (published by Pelgrane Press in 2013), I thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce this game to a group of my fellow roleplayers. As I’m sure many of you reading this post have found, the GUMSHOE system brings a new paradigm to the game table, one that at first sight can be disconcerting to even the most experienced gamer. As such, I thought it would be a good idea to create a scenario that did for the Esoterrorists what Kevin Kulp’s Stowaway Quick Start did for Ashen Stars.

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Projects Update – March 2016

Prompted by a post over at Yog-sothoth.com (after I mentioned that I’d updated the site with a new theme) I thought I’d create a brief overview of the status of all the projects I’ve previously mentioned here (or elsewhere).

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[Against the Flame] Roadblocks and U-Turns

Progress continues a-pace with Against the Flame, and there is now less than a month before its first play test. The last few weeks have been an interesting one  for me as an author, with whole chapters of the narrative having been removed, only to be returned once it was realised that they could be accomodated.

Thankfully thse types of decisions are made easier with the help of two Call of Cthulhu stalwarts (regulars over on YSDC.com) with whom I’ve been corresponding. Just having these fine gentlemen to bounce ideas off of, and the opportunity to reflect on their opinions makes this project all the more exciting!


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