Almost a decade in development, Monophobia is a collection of Call of Cthulhu adventures for lone Investigators (and a willing Keeper). Written by Mark Chiddicks and Marcus Bone, two veteran Call of Cthulhu Keepers, it includes fantastic cover art by Ashley Jones (the artist responsible for the most compelling Tatters of the King).

In Monophobia you will find:

  • Advice on running adventures for lone Investigators.
  • Three Mythos-based adventures taking 2-4 hours each to complete.
  • Handouts and maps for each scenario.
  • A pre-generated Investigator specifically created for each adventure.

Monophobia contains three adventures. Each is designed to explore a different aspect of the Mythos, and will push the Investigator to the limit of their sanity, skill and determination.

  • Vengeance From BeyondIn which a hunt for a stolen book ends surprisingly easily, but not without consequences. When the spirit of a dead occultist haunts the Investigator in ways that nobody else can see, madness beckons, and the only escape seems to lie in crossing the ultimate threshold.
  • Of Grave Concern In which the Investigator’s knowledge could well be the death of them. When a meeting with an acquaintance results in the Investigator’s mind being transferred into a walking corpse, it’s a race against time to discover who could perpetrate such a dastardly deed… and more importantly, why?
  • Robinson GruesomeIn which the Investigator is marooned on a South Seas island, and goes from believing he is utterly alone to fervently wishing that he truly was. Facing death from all quarters, the Investigator must confront a desperate native priest and his ancient god in a primitive struggle to the death.

While Unbound Publishing can not sell copies of Monophobia, we are thinking about undertaking a high-quality print of this Call of Cthulhu supplement. At this moment details are scant, but we would be asking interested parties to pay for the postage and delivery of the manuscript (at cost only, of course).

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