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Tatters of the King[1] is a Call of Cthulhu campaign written by Tim Wiseman and published by Chaosium and which our role-playing group played. Play commenced on May 8th 2006 and ran until October 2nd 2006.

Please note that this Wiki is an actual play record originally created for the players, and as such contains numerous campaign spoilers!


The game is initially set in London, 1928. It is the start of a bitterly cold winter, the worst in decades.

London is the capital of an empire covering a quarter of the globe and governing one quarter of the human race. The people busy themselves with concerns of politics and government, finance and production, work and recreation. How fragile things are. What ignorance there is.

There are those who engage in different pursuits - those who would see an inhuman power come to Earth such that it would make mundane activity seem like a last twitch before dying...

Cast of Characters

Tatters of the King is full of interesting and diverse characters, none more so than the Player Characters themselves!

Keeper of Arcane Lore

The Game Master is Mark Chiddicks

Player Characters


Notable Non-Player Characters

Prologue - Opening Night

Chapter One - The Madman

Chapter Two - A Walk in the Park

Chapter Three - Springer Mound & the Canal

Chapter Four - The Flight North

Chapter Five - To Walk Upon the Earth in Carcosa

Chapter Six - Talk of Goatswood

  • Wilfred Gresty (deceased) - Writer of letters and spy for the Goatswood cult

Chapter Seven - Nug's Farm

  • Hillary Quarrie - Estranged wife of Malcolm and priestess of the Goat
  • Atkinson (deceased) - Ailing leader of the Goatswood Shub-Niggurath cult

Chapter Eight - The Brothers of the Yellow Sign

Chapter Nine - The Viceroy of India

Chapter Ten - A Thousand Miles

Chapter Eleven - To Drakmar

Chapter Twelve - The Upper House

Literary Works

The Masque of Yhtill

Works of Fiction and Fact as found in on the journeys of our intrepid Investigators.


Places of wonder and terror. Haunts of the Yellow King and other locales of interest.


The Monday Night Players' run through of Tatters of the King was completed over 16 fun and exiting gaming sessions. As each lasted anywhere between and hour and a half and three hours, the campaign took over 30 hours of game time to finish.

Collected Audio Recordings

The audio for all of the sixteen sessions that were recorded are collected here.

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