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Brief Update

Hi all, I just thought I should give you a brief update as to what I’ve been up to lately.

Work progresses slowly in most of my projects, and I’ve picked up on big on – Return to the Mountains of Madness – a modern day sequel to the outstanding Beyond the Mountains of Madness (written by Chaz & Jan Engan back in the late 90s).

I hope to kick all of the projects I’ve mentioned here (and a couple others) into overdrive over the Christmas period, so check back regularly!

Monophobia – Cthulhu Adventures for Lone Investigators

Almost a decade in development, Monophobia is a collection of Call of Cthulhu adventures for lone Investigators (and a willing Keeper). Written by Mark Chiddicks and Marcus Bone, two veteran Call of Cthulhu Keepers, it includes fantastic cover art by Ashley Jones (the artist responsible for the most compelling Tatters of the King).

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Dark Desires…

Just a brief introduction to upcoming projects here at unboundbook.org –

  • Monophobia – Ten years in the making, this is a collection of three solo investigator adventures. Written by Mark Chiddicks and Marcus Bone, in includes cover art by Ashley Jones (from Tatters of the King fame).
  • Lurker in the Labyrinth – An epic Trail of Cthulhu campaign set in the Cthulhu by Gaslight era.
  • Atrum Votum –  Dark Desires, a modular Cthulhu Dark Age campaign.

Further details on when and how these products will be available is to follow…

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