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Against the Flame

Against the FlameJames Croot, your old friend or mentor is dead. But just want was the old man up to, and why did he say to his niece that ‘all that he had done was for the best‘ just before he died?

In Against the Flame, a mini-campaign in the style of Tim Wiseman’s Tatters of the King, you will have a chance to find out…

More Monophobia Audio

I’ve been a bit slack on updating you all when others mention or discuss Monophobia or the Unbound Book. This year we’ve seen –

I’m a little overwhelmed that so many people have played and recorded our games. All I can say is ‘Thank you!’.


It Began with a Letter…

On Sunday the 27th of October I am to run an all day session of Call of Cthulhu 6th edition with my friends. As a special surprise I’m planning on testing my mostly completed ‘mini-campaign’ Against the Flame. Set in northern England in the midst of the Great War, this investigative adventure draws the characters into a mystery with a simple letter…

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Keeping astride Cthulhu

I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way of keeping up to date with all things Call of Cthulhu is via Bret Kramer’s excellent Tomes in Progress blog. Not only does Bret have his finger on the pulse of Lovecraftian RPG material, but he also maintains links to everyone and everything you need to know about our little section of the hobby!

The Esoterrorists – Geist in the Shell

Geist in the Shell is a The Esoterrorists scenario specifically designed to kickstart a new campaign. Short on answers but long on questions, it presents a foundation from which a Game Master and their players can create their own The Esoterrorists mystery.

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