The Esoterrorists is modern day conspiracy setting for Pelgrane Press’ GUMSHOE system. Updated with a 2nd edition in 2013, this game brings conspiracy horror into investigative focus, with an emphasis of not only tracking down the Esoterrorist threat (and their Outer Dark Entity monsters), but also protecting humanity from the reality of its own insignificance.

The Esoterrorists utilises the (and in fact was the first) GUMSHOE system.

Upgrades, Improvements and New Content for the 2nd Edition.
This new edition of The Esoterrorists is 4 times longer and allows you to:

  • Equip your characters with fine-grained investigative abilities, ranging from Interrogation and Data Retrieval to the ever-popular Forensic Entomology and always useful Bullshit Detector.
  • Round them out with 13 crucial action abilities, which help you fight, run away, and retain your mental stability when the horrors come knocking.
  • Absorb the latest, in-depth intelligence data on the terrifying world of the Esoterrorists.
  • Learn the never-before-revealed inner workings of the Ordo Veritatis, the secret international agency that sends you out to smash the foe.
  • Recoil at raw reports detailing all-new creatures of unremitting horror.
  • Root yourself in a site of small town menace with the new Station Duty campaign frame and scenario.
  • Confront fever dreams of the apocalypse in a brand new introductory scenario, OPERATION: PROPHET BUNCO!

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