I have a real love for Farnsley’s Phantasm Investigations, a setting for Anti-Paladin Games’ Mini Six rule set (which is based on the old West-End Games D6 system). So much so that I acquired a license to produce an expanded and revised edition.

What is Farnsley’s Phantasm Investigations?

Farnsley’s Phantasm Investigations (FPI) is a Victorian Era horror setting that combines elements of gothic mystery with the action of Ghostbusters, making it a very different type of horror experience. Best of all this (and other great settings) are readily available as part of the ‘pat what you want’ PDF Mini Six rule set (or in hard copy for a few US dollars!).

Current Version

This document will continue to be updated and edited regularly, with the hope of producing a print edition in the future. Download the Current Version of Farnsley’s Phantasm Investigations – Version 1.0 – July 2015.

The Aether Magazine

This is a little project I started a while back to write up a couple of adventure seeds for the FPI setting. As per usual however, the project grew bigger and bigger, until I had to stop myself from going too far. The basic premise of The Aether Magazine is a fictional magazine that details the adventures of the Freelance Metaphysics Constables (the player-characters) in a similar vain as the Strand covered the investigations of Sherlock Holmes. In practical terms, however, what I will be presenting in the Aether is four FPI adventure seeds, that can be expanded as the GM sees fit.

Current Drafts

Download the Introduction and first Adventure Seed – The Aether Draft 1.0 – Intro & Siren of Henmarsh (PDF, 7 pages, 116Kb)