Over the years I’ve come back again and again to The Esoterrorists, tinkering away on this addition or that change. I’ve collected a few of these idea here.

Esoterrorists 2nd Edition Character Sheets

Character_Sheet_thumb.fwAn updated character sheet for 2nd edition in both PDF and Word format.

The Ordo Veritatis Recruitment Handbook

The OV Recruitment GuideThe 1st edition of The Esoterrorists was the first of the GUMSHOE games created by Pelgrane Press and it lacked much depth in character creation. The arrival of Trail of Cthulhu saw more robust rules, and so I thought The Esoterrorists needed something similar. The result was the The Ordo Veritatis Recruitment Handbook, which was developed with considerable help from a number of keen members of the Pelgrane Forums. Note: This was written for the 1st edition ruleset.

The RAP Sheet

After discovering the GUMSHOE system, I endeavored to create a small fanzine for this great little system. Although short lived, I’ve included the two published issues in addition to the unpublished 3 issue. Note: All of this material was written for the 1st edition ruleset and is now likely superseded.