Although a number of official  adventures are available through Pelgrane Press, The Esoterrorists has never been as well supported as some of the other GUMSHOE RPGs. To rectify this, and provide a few stepping stones for players and GMs new to the setting, the following are scenarios designed for new Ordos Vertatis operatives.

A Night on the Town

A_Night_on_the_Town.fwWritten as an introduction adventure for new players to GUMSHOE and The Esoterrorists (2nd Edition), it includes a number of GM notes and a selection of Ordos Vertatis operatives.

Geist in the Shell

This scenario was written as the kicker for that first campaign, and offers an open and flexible base from which a number of The Esoterrorists scenarios can be run. Note: This was written for the 1st edition ruleset.