Conspiracy X is a roleplaying game calling out for interesting and creative adventures. In their operations, Aegis agents are called on to investigate madness, challenge unbelievably stronger foes and then cover up the truth from the very people they aim to protect.

Here is a current sampling of free scenarios that you could use in your Con X games (be it first of second edition).

Blue on Blue

BLUE ON BLUE is a short adventure designed to bring together a brand new AEGIS Cell. It can be set in any urban location, with any number of players, and should probably only take one or two sessions of play to complete.
In this story, the agents are called in to investigate why another cell has suddenly gone quiet, and in the process ensure no breaches in the bodyguard of lies has occurred. As written, this scenario highlights only core events, actions and outcomes of the character’s investigations, with all the intervening details left to the Chronicler to determine.