Born in an age of suspicious and the fear of government collusion, Conspiracy X channels the zeitgeist of 1990s America. Alien conspiracy, government black book projects and the rise of poltergeist activity all contribute to this roleplaying game where you are the bodyguards of such lies.

Conspiracy X was first published by Eden Studios in 1996 (well it was initially published by New Millennium Entertainment but moved to Eden soon after). The first edition saw the production of numerous supplements and it was ported to Eden’s Unisystem mechanics (as a second edition) in 2005.

Conspiracy X 2nd Edition

Conspiracy X takes place in a world of dark secrets and hidden agendas where the only certainty is nothing is what it seems. The president might not be human, and the sign carrying paranoid on the street corner ranting about CIA mind control satellites may very well be right.
In other words, a world just like yours, if you could see beyond the lies.

The core rulebook that brings Conspiracy X into the 21st century. With a conversion to Eden’s house mechanics – Unisystem – it updates the structure of AEGIS in a post 9/11 world. Included in this book are the complete rules for creating AEGIS agents and their cells, in addition to all the rules you need to start creating your own Conspiracy X 2.0 adventures.

Conspiracy X material hosted on this site includes –