A few years back I rediscovered Eden Studios’ interesting game of aliens and the supernatural; Conspiracy X (now in a superb 2nd edition). As was my want at the time, I threw together a little website to collect together my thoughts on the game and to act as an outlet for a few creative Con X ideas that I had bobbing about. While this did result in a number of articles being thrown up, the approach as a whole never really went anywhere, competing as it does with my various other projects (such as this very site – unboundbook.org!). However, rather than just abandon everything I have created, and with a view towards consolidation, I have now transferred everything of real interest to pages within Unbound Publishing.

To ‘celebrate’ this event I’ve also released one of the many ConX scenario ideas I’ve tinkered with over the years – Blue on Blue – along with – from that old site – an interview I did with the 2nd Edition author Dave Chapman, and a rather harsh review of the aforementioned core Conspiracy X 2nd Edition Rulebook.

While many other ideas, scenarios and stories exist in my head or as drafts for this game, as per usual my drive to see final versions produced is limited (to say the least). As such, don’t expect to see too much in the near future… but you never know!