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Keeping astride Cthulhu

I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way of keeping up to date with all things Call of Cthulhu is via Bret Kramer’s excellent Tomes in Progress blog. Not only does Bret have his finger on the pulse of Lovecraftian RPG material, but he also maintains links to everyone and everything you need to know about our little section of the hobby!

Monophobia Actual Play Recordings

Jim over at Skype of Cthulhu has posted two of the scenarios from Monophobia up as actual play recordings. Well worth the listen, with Jim’s excellent Keeping (trust me it ain’t easy running for one player!) and sterling jobs by the two players Dan (from the Miskatonic University podcast) and Toni, respectively! I recommend you pop over for a listen!

The Grand Reorganise

Well its been way too long since I last posted in the site!  As you will have seen, this with website has gone through a bit of a change lately – hopefully for the better – and is bigger and brighter than ever.

This revamp has two purposes, the first to better help me organise the material on the site, while the second is to allow us to use this Home Page more often in the way it is supposed to be – as a Blog. There are lots of great Call of Cthulhu community, companies and sites out on the net, and this blog will allow us to talk about them all!

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