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More Monophobia Audio

I’ve been a bit slack on updating you all when others mention or discuss Monophobia or the Unbound Book. This year we’ve seen –

I’m a little overwhelmed that so many people have played and recorded our games. All I can say is ‘Thank you!’.


The Esoterrorists – Geist in the Shell

Geist in the Shell is a The Esoterrorists scenario specifically designed to kickstart a new campaign. Short on answers but long on questions, it presents a foundation from which a Game Master and their players can create their own The Esoterrorists mystery.

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Cthulhu Dark Ages: Guide to England

Cthulhu Dark Ages: Guide to England is a brief primer into the world of the Anglo-Saxon’s in 1000AD. This guide has been written to supplement this information already existing the Cthulhu Dark Ages rulebook, and introduces a number of suggested rule changes that help reflect the dangers and difficulties during this period of history.

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Tatters of the King Wiki

In 2006, my local gaming group undertook what they still think is their best every Call of Cthulhu campaign – Tatters of the King. To support their play through, they created a wiki and recorded each session, the details of which can be read about here.

The Monday Night Players Present – Tatters of the King

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