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Into the Aether…

Another draft of something I’ve been working on, and in this case its not a Call of Cthulhu Supplement, rather it is a set of adventure seeds for Farnsley’s Phantasm Investigations, a setting for Anti-Paladin Games’ Mini Six rule set.

While The Aether – The Magazine of the Pandora Effect rides the fine line as to what is Lovecraftian and what isn’t (hence whether or not to include it on this site), I thought that the seeds I present as part of this could easily be adapted to be used in a more serious Cthulhu-focused adventure with little trouble.

As always I’m interested in any feedback on this project and will post updates when I can… 


Monophobia – Cthulhu Adventures for Lone Investigators

Almost a decade in development, Monophobia is a collection of Call of Cthulhu adventures for lone Investigators (and a willing Keeper). Written by Mark Chiddicks and Marcus Bone, two veteran Call of Cthulhu Keepers, it includes fantastic cover art by Ashley Jones (the artist responsible for the most compelling Tatters of the King).

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