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Projects Update – March 2016

Prompted by a post over at (after I mentioned that I’d updated the site with a new theme) I thought I’d create a brief overview of the status of all the projects I’ve previously mentioned here (or elsewhere).

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[Against the Flame] Roadblocks and U-Turns

Progress continues a-pace with Against the Flame, and there is now less than a month before its first play test. The last few weeks have been an interesting one  for me as an author, with whole chapters of the narrative having been removed, only to be returned once it was realised that they could be accomodated.

Thankfully thse types of decisions are made easier with the help of two Call of Cthulhu stalwarts (regulars over on with whom I’ve been corresponding. Just having these fine gentlemen to bounce ideas off of, and the opportunity to reflect on their opinions makes this project all the more exciting!


[Against the Flame] Visualising the Story

While, as with Monophobia, I plan on releasing Against the Flame for free via this site, it doesn’t mean that the campaign can’t have good design and art work. I have really ‘lucked out’ finding Domagoj Rapcak to help realise some of the key scenes from the plot.

Here is the first he’s completed for the project, a scene from early in the story, titled ‘A Curious Stranger‘.



Dire Consequences – Introduction

I thought, as I have the draft completed for it, that I would upload the Introduction Chapter for Dire Consequences for anyone interested to take a look at. While only a draft it does give a good overview of what the adventure will be like, who is involved and where it is set.

In summary it will be:

  • A three-plus session adventure for a selection of pre-generated characters.
  • Set in the Gaslight era, it focuses on plot but in a way that lets the players go wild with their characters (in other words it tells a set story, but opens up how the characters interact with it).
  • I’m aiming for September release, but this depends on getting art, maps and other extras done!

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