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Cthulhu Dark Ages: Guide to England

Cthulhu Dark Ages: Guide to England is a brief primer into the world of the Anglo-Saxon’s in 1000AD. This guide has been written to supplement this information already existing the Cthulhu Dark Ages rulebook, and introduces a number of suggested rule changes that help reflect the dangers and difficulties during this period of history.

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Monophobia Actual Play Recordings

Jim over at Skype of Cthulhu has posted two of the scenarios from Monophobia up as actual play recordings. Well worth the listen, with Jim’s excellent Keeping (trust me it ain’t easy running for one player!) and sterling jobs by the two players Dan (from the Miskatonic University podcast) and Toni, respectively! I recommend you pop over for a listen!

Into the Aether…

Another draft of something I’ve been working on, and in this case its not a Call of Cthulhu Supplement, rather it is a set of adventure seeds for Farnsley’s Phantasm Investigations, a setting for Anti-Paladin Games’ Mini Six rule set.

While The Aether – The Magazine of the Pandora Effect rides the fine line as to what is Lovecraftian and what isn’t (hence whether or not to include it on this site), I thought that the seeds I present as part of this could easily be adapted to be used in a more serious Cthulhu-focused adventure with little trouble.

As always I’m interested in any feedback on this project and will post updates when I can… 


Dire Consequences – Introduction

I thought, as I have the draft completed for it, that I would upload the Introduction Chapter for Dire Consequences for anyone interested to take a look at. While only a draft it does give a good overview of what the adventure will be like, who is involved and where it is set.

In summary it will be:

  • A three-plus session adventure for a selection of pre-generated characters.
  • Set in the Gaslight era, it focuses on plot but in a way that lets the players go wild with their characters (in other words it tells a set story, but opens up how the characters interact with it).
  • I’m aiming for September release, but this depends on getting art, maps and other extras done!

Dire Consequences – A Gaslight Scenario

With the Grand Reorganisation of the Unbound Publishing site and a renewed personal interest in the Call of Cthulhu game setting, I’ve restarted work on one of my older project – Dire Consequences.

I aim to have the completed supplement out around September this year (about a year after Monophobia), but will aim to release a number of teasers and drafts for both interest sake and to see what the playing public think of my approach.

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